Power Generation Module

General description

In addition to the energy storage device, a hybrid vehicle also has a power generator – either an internal combustion engine or a fuel cell. The Power Generation Module of the ELFA Hybrid System includes all of the components necessary to convert an internal combustion engine into an “Onboard power station” – to provide the electrical energy for the traction motors. The generators required for the purpose are coupled to the internal combustion engine and controlled using a second generation ELFA converter. The generators are available in a power range from approx. 50 KW up to approx. 260 kW. A fuel cell can be coupled to the hybrid system using suitable components – so-called DC/DC converters. All of the Power Generation Module components are optimized for operation in mobile applications. This takes into account the climatic stress as well as other loads and stress such as shocks and jolts.

Technical data overview

  • Generator power of approx. 50 to 260 kW

  • Fuel cells up to approx. 200 kW can be coupled

  • Fulfills all of the requirements in the commercial vehicle area (temperature, environment, vibration, etc.)

Customer benefits

  • Energy consumption and emissions are reduced by between 20 and 40 percent

  • Quieter operation

  • Extremely reliable and low-maintenance traction drive systems

  • All components from a single source: motor, generator, converter and control

  • Series hybrid system concept for maximum flexibility and degree of cost-effectiveness

  • Can be integrated in almost all vehicle classes

  • Proven 1000 times over

  • Highly flexible system integration thanks to the modular design

Typical applications

  • City buses

  • Commercial vehicles