Reliable condition monitoring

Condition Monitoring at Antea Cement SH. A., Albania


Antea Cement SH. A.

Fushe Kruje, Albania

Implementation period
October 2011 to April 2012

Supply and commissioning of a condition monitoring system for the raw meal and cement mill

The challenge – Avoiding non-steady-state conditions

The Titan Group is a Greek producer of cement and building materials with a history of continuous success lasting more than 100 years. Antea Cement, built by the Group in Albania, is one of the world’s most technologically advanced cement plants with an annual production volume of approximately 1.5 million metric tons. Despite its advanced technology, the plant can enter into a non-steady state if various parameters interact in unfavorable ways. When this happens, the rollers move up and down without proper control and thus produce overloads or underloads and torque peaks at the gear units. This can cause serious damage to the drive train and the entire system. To minimize the risk of such malfunctions, Antea Cement received support from Siemens, which manufactured the mill motors, gear units and clutches.

The plan was for the two companies to jointly design a monitoring solution which would enable the plant to operate continuously and minimize the danger of unscheduled downtimes.


The solution – Condition monitoring from the motor manufacturer

Three Loesche vertical mills process clinker and raw meal in the Antea Cement plant. In two of them, the drive train has been monitored by a condition monitoring system from Siemens since 2012.

Antea Cement commissioned Siemens to install a drive train condition monitoring system for a KMPP vertical mill gear unit and the associated motor. A large number of sensors provides the operator with important process information during continuous monitoring of torque, motor speed and temperature. This information helps optimize mill operation and also provides early detection of imminent overload and underload peaks. The managers in Albania are entirely enthusiastic about this solution. “We were completely won over by the condition monitoring system. As a result, we immediately ordered another one for a second vertical mill.”

The benefits

  • Early-on detection of possible problems
  • Status reports as well as recommended action
  • Notification of Siemens experts directly if needed
  • Continuous monitoring leads to continuous production which needs to be interrupted only for scheduled maintenance