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Conditin Monitoring Service

Siemens provides a highest-level condition monitoring service for mechanical components (motors, gear units, drive trains). Condition monitoring experts attend to the commissioning and the continuous monitoring of your remotely connected systems. Analyses and diagnoses are only performed by certified and experienced experts, who are in direct contact with the R&D departments.

In case of even the slightest deterioration of your components the experts will contact you and provide specific recommendations for the particular situation. In addition, you receive regular status reports that explain the condition of your components in detail.


This provides you with the following advantages:

  • Increased machine and plant availability
  • Utilization of the components up to their wear limit
  • Time and cost savings thanks to early planning and optimization of maintenance and servicing activities
  • Optimal reliability and availability thanks to professional monitoring of the systems performed by DIN ISO 18436-certified monitoring experts
  • Experts for the different components of a drive train work hand in hand in machine diagnosis, making it possible to consider reciprocal effects
  • Direct communication with the experts



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