Find out just what your machine tool can really do!

Digitalization presents the machine tool sector with a range of novel challenges, including having to deliver higher productivity at consistently high quality levels and ensure low maintenance and service overheads all while also ensuring on-time delivery.

With the new  MindApp Fleet Manager for Machine Tools you can benefit from our expertise in data analytics, and from our product and process know-how. With Fleet Manager for Machine Tools you reduce unplanned down times and increase efficiency levels of your machines.

Mastering technical and organizational issues when it comes to production, maintenance and service processes is becoming an ever more important aspect in the field of machine tools. Service no longer represents merely an accompanying factor for helping to market machines - today it offers OEMs a clear competitive edge in the eyes of their customers and boosts customer retention levels.

Fleet Manager for Machine Tools is designed for MindSphere, the industrial IoT ecosystem from Siemens.


What is Fleet Manager for Machine Tools?

A single app for

  • Displaying and managing your global machine fleet

  • Combining critical machine data to get sound analytical data

  • Developing your own digital service offering

  • Instant and easy connection of SINUMERIK


Monitor your worldwide fleet in one system

MindApp Fleet Manager for Machine Tools

Your benefits with Machine Tool Analytics from Siemens

Benefits for OEMs:

  • Improved service processes and optimized resource deployment
  • Cost reductions
  • Global availability of expert know-how
  • Ability to develop digital business models

Benefits for customers:

  • Improved availability and higher productivity
  • Lower overhead for inspections and maintenance
  • Concentration on core business
  • Transparent status and machine history data