Manage Security for comprehensive protection and transparency

Proactive avoidance of security gaps

Manage Security refer to the regular monitoring and updating of implemented measures thanks to our Cyber Security Operation Center (CSOC).

Your benefit:
You are given the greatest possible transparency with regard to the security status of your plants and can proactively avoid potential threats thanks to our security experts worldwide.

Our portfolio for Manage Security

Industrial Security Monitoring

Transparency regarding plant security thanks to continuous monitoring and analysis

  • Continuous analysis and correlation of log data as well as comparison with "Global Threat Intelligence" databases

  • Detection, classification, and immediate notification when security threats and issues are identified

  • Constant overview of the current security status of the plant through monthly status reports

Remote Incident Handling

Rapid response in the event of security-relevant threats

  • Fast responses by industrial security experts from Siemens

  • Collection of information and criticality analyses with measures that include threat intelligence mechanisms, malware sandboxing, and vulnerability monitoring

  • Recommendations for repairing possible consequential damage

Perimeter Firewall Management

Continuous protection against sophisticated threats

  • Monitoring, alerting, and monthly reporting

  • IDS/IPS management of the Intrusion Detection System/Intrusion Prevention System

  • Adjustments of existing firewall configuration and rules

  • Backups and upgrades of firmware and software

Perimeter Firewall Review

Quarterly review of firewall rules

  • Vulnerability analysis of firmware

  • Redundancy check and semantic analysis of firewall rules

  • Validation of firewall configuration against the network structure (consistency check)

  • Support for a wide range of firewall technologies

Anti Virus Management

Continuous protection against viruses

  • Virus signature updates and periodic virus scans in accordance with software manufacturer recommendations

  • Detection of possible false alarms* through close cooperation with manufacturers of virus protection software

  • Monthly reports regarding the plant status with regard to the detection and prevention of malware

  • Central management possible through ePO console**

* "False positive", exclusively for Siemens products

** McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator

Whitelisting Management

Managed whitelisting for continuous protection

  • Updating and management of activated whitelisting guidelines
    (Definition of authorized and executable software packages)

  • Monthly reports regarding the plant status with regard to the detection and prevention of malware

  • Implementation of rules for application control through customer approval

  • Central management possible through ePO console*

* McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator

Patch & Vulnerability Management

Support for handling software vulnerabilities

  • Available for SIMATIC PCS 7 software, Microsoft® operating systems, Adobe® Reader and Flash

  • System-specific information about known vulnerabilities and availability of patches

  • Recommendations for plant-specific patch strategy

Further Plant Security Services