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PCS 7 Gateway to ABB Advant

The easy way to interface SIMATIC to ABB Advant systems (MP200, AC410, AC450)


The challenge

Communication between SIMATIC systems and ABB Advant systems might be necessary for a variety of reasons. The expansion of an existing Advant system or even the complete modernization requires an exchange of process data between the existing legacy system and the new system.

SIEMENS offers a powerful solution for the integration of ABB Advant controllers into PCS 7. The CM104_MB300 Gateway is completely integrated into the PCS 7 system. It uses the ABB Masterbus 300 communication protocol. This concept allows a seamless integration of ABB Advant controllers into a PCS 7 environment.

Technical concept

Using ABB DataSets for communication

Our solution

The PCS 7 gateway for ABB Advant Masterbus 300 provides the following features:

  • Gateway communication based on ABB MB300 protocol

  • Communication block CFC library based on standard PCS 7 function BSEND/BRECV

  • Integrated diagnostic features including alarms in PCS 7 Operator station

  • Simple and efficient engineering with included communication block library

  • Addressing of ABB data points (Dats) directly with PCS 7 blocks based on ABB engineering information

  • Block library structure (DataSets, Dats) similar to ABB system

  • CFC blocks enable efficient engineering with PCS 7 import/export assistant and error diagnostics

  • Simulation functions of block library enable testing without ABB controllers present

  • 5000 data points per gateway

  • Redundancy available

Customer benefits

  • Solution based on standard Industrial Ethernet components

  • Step-by-step and thus cost efficient expansion or modernization

  • Efficient engineering in standard PCS 7 or STEP 7 engineering environment

  • Integration of diagnostic features including alarm visualization in PCS 7

  • Support in Siemens quality

Areas of application

PCS 7 Gateway for ABB Advant communication

  • Modernization with PCS 7 when ABB Advant controllers need to be integrated

  • Plant expansions with PCS 7