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HyBrix® E-Learning

The optimal linkage of learning- and training- processes as well as instructional contents


Due to the change to a global knowledge community, today one is looking for solutions, with which the Know How of the employees in the enterprise can be developed ever more market-focused than in former times. With the background of intensified competitiveness, existing efficiency possibilities are to be tap to the full potential and strategies are to be used, to support this.

The challenge

Learning contents should be understandable. In addition, they should be detectable coherently represented and understood in their complexity. In addition contents should be build up in an ordered and logical way, they should also be locally independent, i.e. world-wide available and up-to-date. In addition, they are to include vocational and everyday situations. The knowledge and ability of the learning peoples are to be included and considered into the learning process, so that it is developed, strengthened, supplemented and extended systematically.

Our solution

Our HyBrix e-Learning solution guarantees the reusability of provided learning contents. This is done via a consistent separation of the editorial processes from the actual learning and training processes.
The production of learning contents and the compilation of the learning units is XML-based using our base software module HyBrix Xportal, which is used as content-based editorship system.
HyBrix e-Learning supports you beyond that during the publication, i.e. the composition of learning contents, so that these are platform independent and thus can be merged in different Learning management systems.
The didactical concepts (DTD), necessary for the production of learning contents, are scientifically developed and practically established.

Advantages of HyBrix® E-Learning

  • Re-usable learning components

  • Learning contents didactically prepared, as extensive authority over the partnership to University Dresden included

  • Cost savings during training course execution (coach, class rooms, business travel)

  • Free choice of the LMS (Learning management system), because HyBrix is using standard interface