SIMOTICS TN Series H-compact PLUS

The synthesis of a compact motor design and modular cooling with highest reliability and performance, especially for converter operation

General description

Highest power rating, reliability, efficiency and modular cooling system:
This distinguishes the three-phase motors SIMOTICS TN Series H-compact PLUS.
These motors are available in shaft heights 450, 500, 560 mm with a gray cast iron enclosure, in degree of protection IP55 or IP23 - air or water cooled.
The insulation and bearing system guarantees the highest degree of reliability.
Siemens frequency converters and motors generate an efficient drive system for applications with constant torque and also with square-law countertorque characteristic.
The lifecycle costs are extremely important and these make the SIMOTICS TN Series H-compact PLUS motor so attractive. Especially for motors driven by variable speed drives the optimization for SINAMICS low voltage converters and for the complete drive train offers lower costs during the whole lifecycle due to best performance values.
SIMOTICS TN Series H-compact PLUS motors save energy, require little maintenance and operate reliably over their long motor lifetime. An investment that pays back in a short time. SIMOTICS TN Series H-compact PLUS motors are environmentally-friendly and can be recycled up to approx. 98 %.

SIMOTICS TN Series H-compact PLUS

Technical data overview

Brief overview

Water-cooled motors:

1RN4, 1RN6 

Air-cooled motors:

1RQ4, 1RQ6 

Open-circuit ventilated motors:

1RA4, 1RA6, 1RP6 

Shaft heights:

450, 500, 560 mm

Power range:

720 to 4000 kW

No. of poles:

4 - 8 poles

Rated voltages:

690 V

Drive converters:


Degree of protection:

IP55 (1RN4, 1RQ4, 1RN6, 1RQ6)
IP23, WP II (1RA4, 1RA6, 1RP6)

Cooling type:

IC 01 (1RA4, 1RA6)
IC 611 (1RQ4, 1RQ6)
IC 81 W (1RN4, 1RN6)

Type of construction:

IM B3 (IM 1001), IM V1 (IM 3011)


gray cast iron enclosure


Roller bearings, electric insulated on NDE-side


Specifications, e.g. shipbuilding

Explosion protection:

- Non sparking, Zone 2, II 3 G Ex nA II C T3 Gc
- Pressurized, Zone 1, II 2 G Ex px II C T3 Gb

Customer benefits


Customer benefits

Optimized for maximum compactness

High power with low envelope dimensions and weight

High efficiency and power factor

Low power costs

MICALASTIC insulation using VPI technology 

High degree of reliability and high service lifetime

Extensive experience and know-how regarding industry sector requirements and their implementation

Sector regulations and specifications can be complied with e.g. for marine (ship classification societies), Oil and Gas (API)

Wide range of certificates for hazardous areas

Use for hazardous areas possible in many countries

690 V version for connection to a drive converter up to the highest power ratings

Favorably-priced low-voltage technology for operation with a drive converter available

High-speed versions available with a speed control range up to 4500 rpm

In many cases a gearbox can be eliminated

Optimized performance values for integrated drive systems with LV-converters

High reliability and low costs during the whole lifecycle

Low noise level

High customer requirements and requirements of safety at work legislation are fulfilled

Typical applications

  • Oil & Gas

  • Petrochemical industry

  • Chemical industry

  • Mining

  • Water / Waste water

  • Marine

  • Cement industry

  • Metals

  • Power generation

  • Pumps

  • Compressors

  • Blowers

  • Fans

  • Mixers

  • Mills

  • Conveyor belts

  • Ship propulsion- and auxiliary drives

  • Steel mills