SIMOTICS SD Severe Duty Motors

The Severe Duty motors with gray cast iron frames are especially rugged. This makes them the first choice for applications in the toughest of environmental conditions. They have outstanding performance both in dust loading and in vibration as well as in the aggressive atmospheres that prevail in the petrochemical and process industries. Their design supports optimized heat dissipation and offers the same handling as the general purpose variants.

SIMOTICS SD Severe Duty Motors next generation

Shaft Height 315 – 355 (1LE5)

General description

With the SIMOTICS SD next generation (SH315-355), we take these cast-iron motors to the next level. Motors with advantages that reset the standards – by going beyond the standards. The SIMOTICS SD next generation motors are pioneering, because of their digitalization-readiness. Via connection with your digital enterprise, you can optimize your processes enduringly. A smaller cover size, combined with high power density, allows more efficiency and flexibility in assembly. Additionally, the SIMOTICS SD next generation motors will literally boost your competitiveness due to their significant advances in energy savings.

SIMOTICS SD Severe Duty Motors

The first severe duty motor with digital features as a standard

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    Technical data overview

    Brief overview

    Frame size

    SH 315 - 355

    Power output

    2-pole: 250 – 500 kW
    4-pole: 250 – 500 kW
    6-pole: 200 – 400 kW

    Type of construction

    B3, V5, V6, B5, V1, V3, B35, B6, B7, B8

    Efficiency class

    IE3, IE4
    System efficiency class IES2 with SINAMICS converter

    Number of poles

    2-pole, 4-pole, 6-pole


    Line operation: 380 – 690 V
    Converter operation: 380 – 480 V


    CE / in preparation: CEL, TR CU, Marine (ABS, BV, DNV-GL, KR, LRS, RINA, RS)

    Degree of protection

    Standard IP55, optional: IP56 and IP65

    Temperature class

    155(F) according to 130(B)

    Cooling method

    IC411, IC416, IC418

    Your benefits

    Optimization through digitalization

    Best-in-class design

    Future-oriented energy efficiency concepts

    Easy business, fast delivery

    Typical applications

    • Cement

    • Chemicals

    • Fiber

    • HVAC

    • Marine

    • Metals

    • Mining

    • Oil and gas

    • Water & waste water