Roller Table and Steel Plant Motors

Powerful drive, extra rugged

General description

Transport and working roller tables in reversing roller mills are almost exclusively equipped with directly driven rollers today. The mechanical and electrical requirements placed upon the drive’s design are different but high. To meet them, we developed our three-phase roller table motors and our steelplant motors for inverter operation. They are designed as totally enclosed three-phase asynchronous motors. Steelplant motors are available in DOL design too.

SIMOTICS DP Roller Table Motor

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    Technical data overview

    Brief overview

    Voltage and power ranges:

    2.5 kW - 66 kW All commonly used voltages

    Frame sizes and designs:

    112 M - 400 IM B3, IM B5, IM B35

    Rated speed and rated torque:

    295 - 1460 min -1
    16 - 2135 Nm

    Customer benefits

    • Extra rugged
      The torsion-resistant housing made of spheroidal iron is particularly rugged against mechanical stress. In addition, the ring rib housing prevents the accumulation of scale dust.
      For application in less rugged areas our length ribbed steelplant motors are available.

    • More power
      Torque reserves allow for high, up to 4-fold impulse torques. Inverter-proof up to a line-supply voltage of 460 V, optionally available with special insulation up to 690 V.

    • More flexibility
      The motor winding will be optimally designed for inverter operation on the basis of customer application data. Optionally with installed rugged rotary pulse encoder.

    Typical applications

    The rugged, non-ventilated roller table motors are particularly suitable for harsh operation in roller mills under adverse application conditions, in working and transport roller tables, with high ambient temperatures, high humidity and occurring scale dust. For application transportation roller tables with less dust or oxyd dust the steelplant motors can be used.