SIMOTICS HV Asynchronous Squirrel Cage Compact Motors (IEC)

Compact motors designed for standard and extreme protection requirements

The high voltage compact IEC motors featuring asynchronous technology cover a power range from 150 kW to 7 MW, at shaft heights from 315 up to 1000 mm, in all relevant cooling types for low installation heights – in addition to classic fin cooling, also available with tube cooling and water jacket cooling. With these versions, they seamlessly cover the corresponding power and application ranges – from basic or standard up to sector-specific applications. They can also address extreme requirements with degree of protection up to IP66, in special designs up to IP68 and all types of explosion protection. The compact motors sets themselves apart as a result of its high power density and compact design that applies across the board. Further, as a result of their outstanding reliability, as well as low maintenance, they boost plant and system availability and reduce energy costs based on their high efficiencies.

Compact Motors

Below are two different compact, high voltage asynchronous squirrel cage motors (IEC) that are well suited to different protection, power and cooling requirements.

SIMOTICS HV Series H-compact

SIMOTICS HV Series H-compact

Compact high voltage motors from 200 kW up to 3 MW with cast-iron enclosures for applications in the widest range of sectors.

  • Rated voltages: 2 – 11 kV

  • Power range: 0.2 – 3 MW

  • Shaft heights: 315 – 630 mm

  • Cooling type: fin cooling, water jacket cooling

  • No. of poles: 2 – 12



Compact high voltage motors from 150 kW up to 7 MW with welded steel enclosures – especially for applications in extreme environments and hazardous zones.

  • Rated voltages: 3 – 11 kV

  • Power range: 0.15 – 7 MW

  • Shaft heights: 355 – 1000 mm

  • Cooling type: fin cooling, water jacket cooling, tube cooling

  • No. of poles: 2 – 16, higher pole numbers on request

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