Generators for fast and reliable energy yields

Siemens generators are reknown worldwide for their unparalleled efficiency, maximum reliability and top quality. The Siemens industry generators provide fast energy yields and the lowest possible carbon footprint. The right solution for every demand and application – Siemens has continuously been setting standards for decades as a world leader and driver of innovation.

Windpark in Wellington

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    No matter where you plan to install your power plant, be it for ship, oil rig, diesel, gas, steam or wind power plants, Siemens stands for excellent availability across the globe, thanks to having the largest network in the energy market. The comprehensive Siemens generator portfolio reflects a focus on fast energy yields and protection of your site through reliable performance. Backed by decades of experience – ever since Werner von Siemens invented the electrical generator in 1866 – our support will allow you to save a lot of time, from the planning stage through integration into your overall system.

    Siemens has continuously raised the bar in terms of quality of materials, trusted testing, and performance, resulting in generators that often reach efficiency rates above 98%. Siemens is also a leader in developing clean energy solutions to meet increasingly stringent global emission requirements. Siemens makes sure that you complete all critical items on your checklist to satisfy the needs of the sustainable power generation.



    Industrial Generators

    Wind Generators

    SIGENTICS industrial generators seamlessly address a power range from 300 kVA to over 70 MVA for all applications. The range includes high- and low-voltage generators, diesel gensets, small hydro and turbine-driven generators. SIGENTICS industrial generators are synchronous and boast the highest degrees of stability – even under extreme ambient conditions. Other distinctive features include low maintenance costs, as well as low vibration and noise levels.

     SIGENTICS Series Diesel Generators SIGENTICS Series Turbine Driven Generators SIGENTICS Series Small Hydro SIGENTICS HV Series S-modyn

    Ranking first in the wind energy market from its very beginning, today over 40,000 Siemens wind generators are generating power worldwide. Siemens supplies generators for wind turbines of up to 10 MW for onshore and offshore applications. The Siemens best-in-class quality of our innovative wind generators and converters makes them ideal even for use in harsh operating environments. Siemens wind generators are an investment that also pays off by providing a long service life.

     LOHER GD Wind Generators LOHER DD Wind Generator LOHER Dynavert XL Wind Converter



    Typical applications include distributed power plants, emergency power generators for airports and hospitals, ships, offshore platforms, small hydroelectric power plants and various other plants and systems in the process industry. The latter include sectors such as oil & gas, chemical & petrochemical, pulp & paper, and sugar & ethanol.

    BIRMINGHAM BIO POWER Ltd., Tyseley, United Kingdom

    A power plant, located just outside Birmingham, that provides 9MWe of renewable energy to the national power grid, making the plant eligible for Renewables Obligation Certificates under the UK government's renewables incentive scheme. Advanced gasification technology generates steam from waste wood to drive a Siemens steam turbine generator which was chosen because it provides low noise levels and achieves high efficiency through the use of redundant air/water heat exchangers.

    RWE & DEV 21 gas power plant Dortmund

    Highest efficiency of a Siemens Turbine generator grants high performance up to 18.8 MVA in a gas power plant for the German energy company RWE in the city of Dortmund. This solution marks an energy revolution, not only reducing CO2 emissions up to 36,000 tons per year compared to older plants without CHP (combined heat-and-power production), but providing outstanding economic efficiency as well.

    Ready to perform: Thika power plant in Kenya

    Siemens implements an innovative Diesel Genset with increased efficiency of 8.9 MVA, including waste heat recovery, in a new combined-cycle power plant for energy producer Thika Power Limited in Kenya. Siemens ensured unequalled availability on the African continent throughout that turnkey project of MAN Diesel & Turbo.

    SIGENTICS Generator for Brno University of Technology, Czech Republic

    Steam turbine driven SIGENTICS generator for Precheza Chemical Industry site at Přerov, Czech Republic

    SIGENTICS Generator for hydro electrical power station Tri Chaloupky, Czech Republic

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    High-current and generator switchgear from Siemens