The rugged converter for synchronous motors up to 85 MW

General description

The LCI-converter (load commutated inverter) SINAMICS GL150 extends the SINAMICS drive family to
highest power ratings.
SINAMICS GL150 is designed as a drive converter for single-motor applications with variable and constant torque characteristic. The converter is available in air- and water-cooled design and achieves power ratings up to 85 MW
(water-cooled design). Higher ratings are available on request.
SINAMICS GL150 is used for speed-variable operation as well as for start-up operation of large synchronous motors and generators. The typical speed range extends up to approx. 6000 rpm. When used as start-up converter the speed-range
is limited by the synchronous line frequency. Within this range a speed control range of 1:10 or 1:100 can be realized.
Due to the topology regenerative (4 Q) operation is possible without additional measures.
The drive converters SINAMICS GL150 offer an economical drive solution for highest power ratings of 85 MW and beyond, which can be adapted to specific customer needs with a wide range of optionally available components and accessories.

Example: Power unit SINAMICS GL150 12p/12p water cooled. Drive cabinet, excitation equipment, as well as cooling unit are not shown.

Technical data overview

Brief overview

Line voltage

Air-cooling (6- / 12-pulse)
Power (MVA/MW)

Water-cooling (12-pulse)
Power (MVA/MW)

to 3.0

2.8 to 8.1 / 5.7 to 16.2

6 to 16

to 5.2

5.7 to 9.7 / 11.4 to 19.4

21 to 32

to 7.8


31.5 to 48

to 10.4


50 to 64

to 12.0


58 to 85

Customer benefits

  • Compact design and highest power density

  • Easy plant integration due to compact design and highly flexible configuration

  • Simple operator control with the user-friendly operator panel AOP30

  • High reliability and ruggedness through the use of extremely robust thyristor technology and fuseless design,
    combined with an intelligent response to external disturbances

  • Hassle-free integration into higher-level automation systems through analog and digital interfaces and PROFIBUS DP

Typical applications

Typical branches

Typical applications

  • Large compressor, pumps etc. above 30 MW

  • Main marine drives, booster drives, shaft generators

  • Boiler feed pumps

  • Starting generators

  • Starting blast furnaces

  • Wire rod mills