A premium and customizable drive system featuring interchangeable modules to offer the most efficient drive design tailored to your complex application’s requirements.

sinamics sm120 cabinet modules

SINAMICS SM120 CM medium voltage drives are designed for applications with special or complex requirements. All of the harmonized modules and functions in a SINAMICS SM120 CM allow for the realization of numerous product specific solutions tailored to your applications needs. All of our line modules (DC Bus, M2C, and DFE) and our motor side modules (3L NPC and M2C) have been selected due to the proven advantages found in our current portfolio.

Onshore Power Supply featuring the SINAMICS SM120 CM

Your Benefits

  • Transformer-less design for ship or local IT grid

  • 4Q regenerating, also reactive power (VAR)

  • Motor and line-friendly, long in and output cables

  • Marine certified

  • Application-specific DC Bus selection

  • Robust an reliable design

Technical data overview

Brief overview

Type of Module


Voltage range

Power range

Active Line Module

Supply and regenerative feedback unit to feed the connected motor modules

3.3 … 6.6 kV

6000 … 12500 kVA

Basic Line Module

Diode supply for connected motor modules

12- / 18- / 24- / 36-pulse

5400 … 10800 kW

Motor Module M2C
(MoM M2C)

M2C-Inverter for the connected motor

3.3 … 7.2 kV

6000 … 13700 kVA

Motor Module NPC

3L-NPC-Inverter for the connected motor

3.3 … 4.4 kV

5700 … 7600 kVA

Braking Module

Central braking chopper for temporary braking energy

3.3 … 4.4 kV

4900 … 6100 kW

Recooling Module

Unit dissipates the power loss from the converter

200 kW power dissipation

Control Module

Unit controls and monitors the drive

Line and vector control, open loop control / status message / touch panel / bus-interfaces

Overview of released components

Customized drive system

Diode Front End

Diode Front End (DFE)
- Established industry standard
- 12, 18, 24, 36 pulse available

Modular Multilevel Converter

Modular Multilevel Converter (M2C)
- Transfomerless front-end
- Line-friendly without filters
- Sinusoidal input / output voltage

3-Level Neutral Point Clamped

3-Level Neutral Point Clamped (NPC)
- Established industry standard
- Low speed and constant torque (for ships, minerals)

Applications – by industry

industries power generation siemens

Power Generation

industries marine siemens


Available for more complex applications such as onshore power supply, hydropower generators, wind power generators and grid couplings for medium voltage DC transmission.

 Onshore Power Supply for Ships Hydro power generators Wind Power Generators

Used for shaft generators, on shore power supply and ship propulsion systems like main propulsion, boosters, and thrusters. The SINAMICS SM120 also offers transformer-less configurations at 4.16 kV.

 Shaft Generators Main Propulsion-Thrusters-Boosters
industries test stands siemens

Test Stands

industries mining siemens


industries retrofit siemens


Utilized in numerous complex and technically sophisticated test stands, such as pump or compressor test beds, generators test stands, automotive component testing, wind tunnel blowers, and gas turbine balancing stands.

 Test stands

Utilized in complex mining applications such as downhill ore conveyors, transformer-less ore mills, or gearless mine winders, as well as more standard applications like high pressure grinding mills, crushers, slurry pumps, standard ore mills, and other mining fans and pumps.

 Downhill Ore Conveyors Ore Mills Gearless Mine Winders Slurry & Standard Pumps

Capable of supporting most medium voltage drive system retrofit projects, for applications such as pumps, fans, compressors and propulsion systems.


Compatible Motors

1 | 2 | 3

simotics h compact

SIMOTICS HV Series H-compact

Compact high-voltage motors for a wide range of applications

  • 200 kW up to 3 MW

  • Fin cooling, water jacket cooling

  • Low operating cost

  • High power density

simotics h compact plus

SIMOTICS HV Series H-compact PLUS

Modular high-voltage motors for a wide range of applications

  • 500 kW up to 11.7 MW

  • Speeds up to 4800 rpm

  • Modular cooling air/air and air/water

  • Low dimensions and weight

simotics hvm


Modular High-voltage motors for maximum reliablity and short project execution times

  • Up to 18 MW

  • Very short delivery times

  • Simple selection and configuration

  • Suitable for oil, gas, petrochemicals, shipbuilding, metals

simotics h modyn

SIMOTICS HV HP (asynchronous)

Modular high voltage induction motors for accelerated projects and maximized plant availability in the double digit power range

  • Power range: 1.8 – 38 MW

  • Very short delivery times

  • Simplified engineering

  • Rugged and service friendly

simotics h modyn

SIMOTICS HV Series H-modyn (asynchronous)

Modular High-voltage motors for a wide range of applications in the high double digit power range

  • 2 MW up to 38 MW

  • Flexible, platform based design

  • High power density

  • Maintenance-friendly construction

loher vario


Compact high-voltage motors especially for Oil, Gas and Petrochemicals

  • 150 kW up to 7 MW

  • Fin cooling, water jacket cooling, tube cooling

  • All types of ex-protection

  • Degree of protection up to IP66

loher vario plus


Modular High-voltage motors for tailored drive solutions

  • 3 MW up to 10 MW

  • Ex-protection Ex nA, Ex tc, Ex e, Ex px and Ex pz

  • High- and low temperature design

  • Suitable for test stands, oil, gas and petrochemicals

simotics a modyn

SIMOTICS HV Series A-modyn (asynchronous)

Modular High-voltage motors for pumps and fans within the highest power range

  • 1.8 MW up to 32 MW

  • Low space requirement

  • Low operation costs

  • Suitable for power generation, water/wastewater, steel production

simotics hs modyn

SIMOTICS HV Series HS-modyn

Modular High-voltage motors for high-speed applications

  • 2 MW up to 25 MW

  • Up to 15.900 rpm

  • Maximum reliability due to unique rotor technology

  • Typically used in direct driven high-speed compressors

simotics h modyn

SIMOTICS HV HP (synchronous)

Modular high power synchronous motors for accelerated projects and maximized plant availability in the double digit power range

  • Power range: 3 – 70 MW

  • Very short delivery times

  • Simplified engineering

  • Rugged and service friendly

simotics series metals

SIMOTICS HV Series Metals

High-voltage synchronous motors specifically designed for main rolling mill drives

  • 500 kW up to 16.5 MW

  • Torque up to 2460 kNm

  • High dynamic performance

  • Smooth running quality

simotics series mining

SIMOTICS HV Series Mining

High-voltage motors specifically designed for mining applications

  • 1 MW up to 35 MW

  • Speed from 7 rpm up to 1000 rpm

  • Availability up to 99.5 %

  • For conveyors, excavators, mills, ore mills

simotics series ship


High-voltage motors specifically designed for ship applications

  • 2 MW up to 27 MW

  • Speed from 80 rpm up to 900 rpm

  • High performance with low energy demand

  • Quiet, low vibration operation

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