A photovoltaic inverter for intelligent grids

General description

With LOHER DYNAVERT R, Siemens offers a ready to run grid inverter with high reliability, high efficiency and high power quality to supply energy from photovoltaic sources grid compliant to the AC grid.

The energy transmission and distribution requires more intelligence to operate with volatile energy generation, which is the case with renewable energy sources, and keep the grid stable for example in terms of voltage drop and other unwanted reasons. Inverters are here needed, to decouple the variable energy source generation from the grid and to control a constant and stable energy supply to the grid. We provide high dynamic control functions for a stable and intelligent operation.

LOHER DYNAVERT R Inverters for photovoltaics

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    Technical data overview

    Brief overview

    AC Power

    Up to 826 kVA

    Maximum DC start voltage

    Up to 930 VDC (1050 VDC with option)

    Cooling air temperature range

    From -10 °C up to +45 °C without derating


    • Efficiency up to 98.8 %

    • Auto increased AC power

    • Active and reactive power control

    • Lightning protection (LPZ2)

    • BDEW certified

    • Supporting Low Voltage Ride-Through (LVRT)*

    • Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPP Tracking)**

    • Optimized for Inverter Management Software (IMS)

    * With LVRT support power generating solar plants can continue to operate through short periods of low grid voltage and not disconnect from the grid.

    ** MPPT takes care that the load characteristic that gives the highest power is optimized and gives you the maximum point of efficiency due to the amount of sunlight falling on the solar panels.

    Customer benefits

    LOHER DYNAVERT R offers lasting customer benefits:

    • Top quality and maximum availability based on decades of experience in electrical engineering for inverters and the application of robust SIEMENS industrial standard inverters proven millions of times worldwide.

    • Best in class efficiency and compactness:with an efficiency of maximal 98.8 % a benchmark in all global markets. Furthermore its compact and robust design makes integration into containers with limited space very easy.

    • With functionalities for grid operation, communication options and control functions it is a rounded solution for renewable energy supply to the grid.

    • Based on state-of-the-art dual processor technology, the CB08 control board controls the complete converter sequence. The CB08 masters all situations, starting from the grid monitoring, through synchronization to the grid, up to a defined shutdown when faults occur.

    • The inverter includes also lightning protection at AC and DC side, lightning protection zone 2 (LPZ2).

    • The inverter offers easy connectability due to a separate DC and AC cabinet integration.

    Typical applications

    • Transformer-less Central Solar Inverter from 570 kVA up to 826 kVA.

    • The LOHER DYNAVERT R can be used for photovoltaic applications in all countries with CE Mark (the inverter is BDEW complient).