The configurable package for efficient engineering of DC drives

General description

SINAMICS DCM DC Packages are available to provide support when engineering and when selecting accessory components.

SINAMICS DCM DC Packages contain the following components:

  • SINAMICS DCM DC Converter

  • Supply switch (including covers and operating mechanism)

  • Main contactor (including varistor) or circuit breaker for higher power ratings

  • Field contactor (including varistor)

  • Commutation reactors (armature, field)

  • Fuses (armature, field, DC circuit for 4Q, including holder)

All options that can be selected when configuring the SINAMICS DCM DC Converter, are also available for DC Packages; with just a few exceptions, they only affect the DC converters that are included.
The series of SINAMICS DCM DC Converter sets itself apart as a scalable drive system - both for basic as well as for demanding and sophisticated applications. For the standard closed-loop control, the SINAMICS DCM DC Converter is equipped with a standard Control Unit for converters (standard CUD). For applications demanding a higher computational performance and interfaces, the system can be expanded by an additional Control Unit for converters (Advanced CUD).
The SINAMICS DCM series combines the open-loop and closed-loop control and power units in one device and therefore offer a compact, space-saving design.


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    Technical data overview

    Brief overview

    Power range:

    6.3 to 2508 kW

    Rated armature current:

    15 to 3000 A

    Rated armature supply voltage:

    3 AC 400 to 950 V

    Rated DC field current:

    3 to 40 A (optional: 85 A)

    Rated frequency:

    45 to 65 Hz

    Degree of protection:


    Storage and transport temperature:

    -40 to +70 °C

    Standards and approvals:

    IEC, EN, DIN, VDE, UL, cULus, NEMA, UL 508 C, GOST,
    various marine certificates


    2Q and 4Q


    The accessory components included in the SINAMICS DCM DC Package were selected under the following criteria:

    • Harmonized and coordinated with one another

    • Dimensioned for the rated converter current

    • Designed for 50 Hz operation

    • Selected based on the part lists of the SINAMICS DCM Cabinets

    Customer benefits

    • SINAMICS DCM DC Packages facilitate simple ordering; all of the accessory components, which are harmonized and coordinated with one another, are supplied as package.

    • All options that can be selected when configuring the SINAMICS DCM DC Converter, are also available for SINAMICS DCM DC Packages.

    • The effects of certain device options (e.g. option L85) on accessory components are already taken into account in the factory.

    • The components of SINAMICS DCM DC Packages are optimally adapted to the SINAMICS DCM DC Converter series.

    • The configuration of the various components have been taken from the range of accessories for SINAMICS DCM Cabinets - tested and approved.

    • All of the components have a degree of protection of IP00 for installation in a control cabinet.

    • Flexible expandability in functionality and performance: The extensive product range and the many options allow the SINAMICS DCM to be optimally adapted to customer requirements - both technically and economically.

    • Simple integrated into automation solutions e.g. using the PROFIBUS communication interface provided as standard together with various analog and digital interfaces.

    Typical applications

    • SINAMICS DCM DC Packages extend the portfolio of the SINAMICS DCM converter series and can be used for all of the usually encountered applications.

    • Moving: Conveyor belts, elevators, cranes, cable railways, test stands, cross cutters, roll changers/flying splice, roller feeds

    • Processing: Extruders, winders/unwinders, leading/following drives, calendars, main press drives, printing machines, rolling mill drives