General description

Do you want to transform your “old” DC drive into a new drive at a favorable price?
With fully digital closed-loop control and all of the benefits afforded by state-of-the-art control technology? Then SIMOREG Control Modules are precisely the optimum solution for you.
The 6RA70 Control Module is characterized by its compact, space-saving design. The compact construction makes it especially easy to service since individual components are easily accessible. The electronics box contains the basic electronics as well as any supplementary boards. To support optimum utilization of the installation possibilities in the system, the 6RA70 Control Module can be separated in its depth.
Furthermore, the PCBs for firing pulse generation and distribution as well as for fuse monitoring and voltage measurement are designed to be removed and mounted either partially or completely outside the unit directly on the powersection and connected to the basic unit via cables.

Control Module

SIMOREG CMs are equipped with a basic PMU operator panel in the equipment door. They have a five-character seven-segment display, status display and three keys for simple parameterization. All of the changes, settings and measured value displays required for commissioning, can be made using the PMU without any programming knowhow. The optional OP1S user-friendly operator panel can be mounted in the equipment door or externally, e.g. in the cabinet door. The four-line plain text display with 16 characters is clear and functional. Parameter sets can be downloaded to other devices.
SIMOREG Control Modules can also be parameterized, controlled, visualized, diagnosed and commissioned using commercially available PCs and suitable software. The basic unit has two serial interfaces (RS 232, RS 485), an additional interface is provided on the optional terminal expansion module. A device-device coupling (peer-to-peer coupling) or communications using the USS protocol is possible via the serial interfaces. SIMOREG CM can be seamlessly integrated into any automation environment using the optional modules (Profibus, CAN bus and DeviceNet).
The software is extremely flexible using the application-oriented BICO technology. Fixed parameters are used for all of the settings and to inter-connect the software modules - programming knowhow is not required.

Technical data overview

Brief overview

Measurable rated supply voltage armature


85 / 250 / 575 / 1000

Rated supply voltage electronics supply


2-ph. AC 380 (-25 %) to 460 (+15 %); In=1 A or
1-ph. AC 190 (-25 %) to 230 (+15 %); In=2 A
(-35 % for 1 min)

Rated supply voltage field


2-ph. AC 400 (+15 % / -20%)
2-ph. AC 460 (+10 %)

Rated frequency


The converters automatically adjust to the connected line frequency within a frequency range of 45 to 65 Hz

Rated DC voltage field


max. 325 / 373

Rated DC current field




  • Electronics box with fully-digital control module

  • Line voltages can be sensed from 20 to 1000 V

  • Pulse transformers for firing currents up to 1 Amp

  • An external armature current actual value signal can be flexibly evaluated:
    - Two CTs on the line side (independent of the phases)
    - External CT with external rectifier
    - Actual value signal sensed in the DC circuit

  • Evaluation for fuse monitoring

  • Closed-loop digitally controlled field current supply up to 40 Amps

Customer benefits

Motor, mechanical system and the power section can be simply re-used. Only the control section is replaced by the SIMOREG Control Module 6RA70. The complete functional scope of the SIMOREG DC-MASTER series can be used. Together with the components from the TIA concept, SIMOREG Control Modules permit a complete freely-scalable solution to be created for any plant or system which is being changed-over and upgraded - with optimum costs and/or functions. It can be fully integrated into any automation environment in a unified fashion and can be expanded. It brings new impetus to old plants and systems and at the same time it is a favorably-priced and efficient retrofit solution.

Typical applications

An important application for the SIMOREG CM converter is in the retrofitting and modernization of DC drives in existing systems.
In the field of DC drives, many systems exist that are older than 5 or 10 years and that still use analog technology.